NorthShore development in Saugatuck Dunes

The proposed NorthShore marina channel: a 1600’ long, 200’ wide, 14’ deep trench that would remove nearly 200,000 tons of sand from within Michigan’s Critical Dune Boundary surrounded by publicly-funded natural areas that are home to endangered species and globally-imperiled interdunal wetlands. The DEQ remains concerned about the threat of contaminants at the old Broward Marine site being dumped on the beach as ‘nourishment.’ The DEQ is also concerned about the impact to threatened and endangered species, such as the Piping Plover and Pitcher’s Thistle.

Sand Dune Mining within Michigan’s Critical Dune boundary was outlawed in 1998. The law does allow the one-time removal of 3,000 tons, or less, which is about the size of a basement. Again, Padnos is proposing the removal of 200,000 tons.

We remain committed to ensuring local and state laws protecting the Saugatuck Dunes are enforced, especially our local anti-funneling law that clearly states, ‘in no event shall a canal or channel be excavated for the purpose of increasing the Water Frontage required by this section.”

More information is available in the following documents:

Buildable Acreage

Singapore Dunes Marina Basin Development Simulation

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Singapore Dunes: 2003 Zoning

Singapore Dunes: 2003 Zoning, Current Zoning and Proposed Consent Judgement Zoning

Viewshed Map

proposed NorthShore development

cottage home marina development