Shorewood Association

I am writing on behalf of the Shorewood Association to express our support for your mission and goals.

As a long established association of cottages along the shores of Lake Michigan, we especially appreciate your publication by Keith Schneider, “Fever of Development, Frontier of Recorvery.” This is a not so gentle reminder of what can happen to our communities if we do not strive to implement the goals and policies so carefully outlined and detailed in the Tri-Community Comprehensive Plan of Saugatuck, Douglas and Saugatuck Township; our communities need uniform zoning laws.

Our association members vacation in the Saugatuck area to take advantage of the undeveloped dunes, wetlands and beaches. It is our hope that the former Denison can be added to those lands that are available to the public. We’ve seen firsthand the positive impact upon our children and grandchildren of having unrestricted access to amble across the incredible Great Lakes landscapes in the Saugatuck area. Having contiguous public lands stretching from Saugatuck’s Oval Beach to the former Denison to the Saugatuck Dunes State Park would be an incredible gift to future generations.

Please add the Shorewood Association to the statewide coalition of individuals and organizations working to educate and inspire Michigan to preserve and protect the natural geography, historical heritage, and rural character of the Saugatuck Dunes coastal region in the Kalamazoo River Watershed, beginning with the former Denison property.

We expect that many of our shareholders will join in providing financial support for the Alliance’s publication of informational brochures and analytical studies, dissemination of public opinion pieces, the development of stewardship programs, or other educational and informational programs.

Thank you again for your good work.

Richard Reel, President
Shorewood Association