City of Saugatuck Resolution
EGLE’s permit decision timeline
ZBA hearing – and more!

City of Saugatuck Unanimously Approved Resolution Finding Adverse Impacts of NorthShore Marina

At its August 14 meeting, the City of Saugatuck City Council unanimously passed a Resolution to submit to EGLE that outlines the adverse impacts of the proposed NorthShore marina. The City’s resolution is key evidence in our opposition to the proposed marina – evidence that wasn’t available in 2017.

The resolution, which was submitted as part of EGLE’s public comment period, concludes with:

51. The City finds that the proposed marina will have an adverse effect on the public trust,
and may impact related riparian rights.
52. The City finds that by damaging the historical, ecological, and cultural values of the area
which attract tourism and recreation to the Tri-Communities, the proposed marina will
negatively impact the use of waters for recreation, aesthetics and the local tourism
industry. The proposed marina may further impact fish and wildlife.
53. The City finds that the proposed marina basin is not consistent with the public uses in and
around the area.
54. Based on the findings in this Resolution, the City of Saugatuck asks the Department of
Environment, Great Lakes and Energy to strongly consider standards and findings
established by the Michigan Legislature in 1994 Public Act 451, to consider the
appropriateness of the requests made.

Click here for a copy of the full resolution.

EGLE Permit Decision Timeline Extended to Late September

We learned this week that, at the request of NorthShore of Saugatuck, Michigan’s Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) has extended its projected decision on whether to grant NorthShore of Saugatuck permits to build its proposed marina. The agency now anticipates it will complete its review in late September.  EGLE is reviewing more than 200 public comments submitted by the public, including comments from the tribal governments, the State Historic Preservation Office, the City of Saugatuck, the Coastal Alliance and our supporters, our legal team, and others.

ZBA Hearings on Coastal Alliance Standing Scheduled to Begin September 11

The Saugatuck Township Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) will begin hearings next month to determine whether the Coastal Alliance has standing to challenge the permits the Township granted in 2017 for the proposed marina. Lawyers from the Township, NorthShore of Saugatuck, and the Coastal Alliance have been meeting to discuss the process the ZBA will follow for their deliberations as well as evidence to be considered. Attorneys for the Coastal Alliance currently expect there to be multiple ZBA hearings to consider standing, the first of which is scheduled for Monday, Sept. 11. We’ll share additional dates and details once we have them.

Thank you for your continued support as we work to protect and preserve the Kalamazoo River Mouth!

The Coastal Alliance Board of Directors